Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ne-yo breaks the silence about lv incident

R'n'B star Ne-Yo has broken his silence over a Christmas (08) brawl with rapper Jim Jones, insisting neither party intended to do harm during the New York incident.

Jones has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanour assault charge, stemmingfrom the Christmas Eve (24Dec08) fight at a Manhattan Louis Vuitton store, where members of his entourage clashed with Ne-Yo's manager, JaVogn Smith.

The Miss Independent singer claims he was shopping with Smith when Jones and two pals walked into the shop and confronted them for reasons unknown to Ne-Yo.

And the Grammy winner insists that what began as a heated exchange simply got out of hand.

He says, "I guess Jim Jones and Vogn have had drama in the past, or whatever, so Vogn taps me on the shoulder, like , "Look who just walked in here.' "So I turn and I see Jim, (and he) beelines straight for us. And they get to exchanging words back and forth, back and forth".

"So I turn and I see Jim, and he beelines straight for us"

Ne-Yo adds, "Jim Jones wasn't necessarily trying to hurt nobodyhe was more trying to embarrass, trying to humiliate Vogn. And Vogn, being who he is, wasn't going for that.

"So, at one point, it escalated to where Jim Jones pulled out his cell phone and started recording, put the phone right in Vogn's face, talking 'bout, "You a punk, you a this, you a that...' Vogn, at that point, couldn't take anymore, smacked the phone outta Jim's hand.

(And) they got to wrestling on the floor in the Louis store".

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