Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rihanna Wont Press Charges

According to a person close to Rihanna, the R&B singer will not file criminal charges against R&B singer Chris Brown for assault and battery.

Last night, Chris Brown was arrested and released on $50,000 bail in connection with an alleged assault against R&B singer Rihanna Fenty. Chris and Rihanna got into a scuffle while leaving Saturday night’s Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party.

A person close to the situation said that the scuffle was caused by the couple’s recent break up. the couple had been ratcheting down on their high-profile love affair. Numerous sources confirmed that Chris wanted to END the relationship - but Rihanna didn’t.

We should be clear. It’s not clear what occurred during the scuffle - or who did what to whom.

But things have changed since Saturday night. Now EXCLUSIVELY reports say that Rihanna does NOT want Chris Brown to be criminally punished for the alleged assault. According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, Rihanna is NO LONGER assisting investigators in their criminal case against Chris Brown.

Unfortunately for Chris, that’s probably not going to make the charges go away. Police claim that, on the scene of the incident, Rihanna identified Chris Brown as the man who assaulted her. Additionally, police have physical evidence. OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED that Rihanna’s face and arm were severely bruised in the incident and Chris suffered from minor bruising as well.

There is some evidence in Chris’ favor, however. For example, according to a reader on the scene, Rihanna did NOT call the police alleging that Chris assaulted her. It was a bystander that called 9-1-1. Shortly afterwards, the police arrived on scene and interviewed Rihanna.

We’ll continue bringing you periodic updates into exactly what’s going on in this story. Trust when we tell you that NO OTHER NEWS SOURCE in the world has more access to the people around Chris and Rihanna.

Also just to clear things up, there are a few FAKE rumors out there that we need to clear up:

# First, the woman who was allegedly assaulted WAS RIHANNA not some “friend”. Many news organizations are reluctant to release the name of a domestic violence victim. we believe that there is a pressing public interest to know all that happened.

# Second, there was no car accident. Chris and Rihanna’s PR team made up the whole “accident” story to hide what truly happened in the car that night

# Third, Chris did not punch Rihanna in her face because she gave him herpes. This rumor is floating around the net and it’s A LIE. Chris saw the cold sore just like the rest of us weeks ago – and it didn’t stop him from messing with her. This story is nothing to joke about. Domestic violence is a serious subject, and Chris Brown is facing serious charges – we shouldn’t make up fake ish about this situation

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